MASJID CYBERJAYA - masjid raja haji fisabilillah

Monday, May 25, 2015


The Overall Design of Masjid Raja Haji Fi Sabilillah Cyberjaya (Cyberjaya Mosque), the 1st Mosque in Cyberjaya to cater for the rapid growth of the Muslim population living and working in Cyberjaya. With the capacity to accommodate 8300 jemaah at a time, the Cyberjaya Mosque is the second largest mosque in Selangor right next to the Shah Alam Mosque. The mosque is also the first mosque in Malaysia to be awarded with a Platinum – Green Building Index. 

Some of the green building features of the mosque include:

1. Rainwater harvesting for landscaping and toilet use. 

2. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system for energy saving. 

3. Energy-efficient LED lights. Low-E panel glass that reduces heat transfer. 

4. Grasscrete paving system on the car park area.

5. Rooftop solar panels. 6. Maximum natural air ventilation system. 


  1. Congrats for the platinum award... Pls fix the sewage system. It's been years the problem persisted. I love praying in the masjid. But the toilets are gross. It's not that visitors don't flush after use. The plumbing is so bad that faeces surface in the bowl after flushing. Thought it's been fixed after all these years. The clogging is so obvious that I wonder none of the imam, bilal or the mosque officials has ever used used the toilet!!!

    Please fix it ASAP. It really turns visitors off from praying in the masjid.

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